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    "Everything was great! Have been buying cars through Tim Bailey for years and wouldn't go anywhere else."
    6-3-2015-Pamela Gray    

    "They never push or rush you to buy a car."
    6-3-2015-Mrs.Linda Mason    

    "The sales rep, David Whittaker, has always been helpful and knowledgeable. He really knows the cars. I have purchased five cars through him and will recommend him and the dealership to anyone who val
    6-4-2015-Ralph Egleston    

    "Steve follows up on every detail and have now worked both Sight sons."
    6-8-2015-William Summers    

    "I can always get the vehicle I want. The sales person takes an extra amount of time to expalin every feature of my new vehicle. He even stayed past company hours to explain the vehicle feautures. Bob
    6-17-2015-Herman Watson    

    "The people at Bob Sight always exceed my expectations from start to finish. They always will let me know when I can expect the exact vehicle I'm looking for if not in stock on the first visit. They w
    6-17-2015-Herman Watson    

    "Second purchase from Bob Sight and it was seemless!"
    6-18-2015-Cristin Allen    

    "Danny Smith was the best salesman we ever had!"
    6-22-2015-William Vance    

    "Gene Hill is a great asset to Bob Sight Ford, and we have a great relationship with him."
    6-23-2015-Mrs.Patricia Hensiek    

    "Overall experience dealing with Bob Sight Ford was stress free. We will be doing business here again for future car purchases. Bill Cromwell."
    6-25-2015-Tee Times Golf Guide INC    

    "I really appreciated the service from all involved in the trade in process."
    6-25-2015-Daniel Kennicutt    

    "Things went very smooth, we bought our new Ford. Thanks."
    6-30-2015-Waddell&Reed Services CO.    

    "Salesman was very friendly and aware of my needs and payment concerns. He talked to upper management to get me the deal I needed. I will buy there again."
    5-1-2015-Mrs.Natalie Johnston    

    "My husband called and talked to a salesman prior to purchasing. When we went to the dealership he met us at the door and told us that since we had purchased a car previously from another salesman, he
    5-5-2015-Oscar Schmehl    

    "Our sales man Tim Bailey did a great job and was very down to earth. We didn't feel like we were being "sold" rather just being helped to make an informed decision. Tim was great to work with!"
    5-5-2015-Anthony Antos    

    "Danny Smith was great to work for and we had a minor issue after we purchased it but he was great to get it fixed right away."
    5-8-2015-Kurt Whitlow    

    "Tim Bailey is excellent and always committed to helping us and providing anything he can to assist."
    5-8-2015-Broshel Gray    

    "Felt like car buying from a dealership that I had bought cars from for 15 years, even though this was my first purchase from Bob Sight Ford."
    5-14-2015-Mrs.Jo Ellen Shelby    

    "Easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made."
    5-18-2015-James Jackson    

    "Everything was good."
    5-15-2015- Victor Miller    

    "Zach Sight and Tim went above and beyond to insure I got the vehicle I wanted. I've never had a better experience. Looking forward to buying many more from both of them."
    5-18-2015-Spencer Sherf    

    "Everything went well."
    5-25-2015-Michael Cox    

    "We love working with Gene Hill. He helped us with our last truck we purchased from Bob Sight Ford, so when we came back to get a newer one, we went straight to him. Even over a few years of time, he
    5-28-2015-Mrs.Michelle Ahern    

    "The sales person (Steve Brackeen) is straight forward and to the point. No bickering around just the truth about the sale."
    2-29-2015- David Kile    

    "Time in and out was better than expected."
    04-09-2015-James Haney    

    "Complete package of care from walking in the door to driving away.Very professional and efficient and effective."
    04-09-2015-Alan Scharrer    

    "Friendly informing and courteous service and repair."
    04-13-2015-Mary Patton    

    "Fast and efficient service. Representatives are friendly and helpful."
    04-13-2015-Dennis Davis    

    "The Service people were very helpful in explaining what needed to be done for the re call."
    04-15-2015-Kenny Spratt    

    "Bob Sight always does quality dependable work."
    04-17-2015-Charles Thomas    

    "The service was quick and efficient."
    04-20-2015-Cortez Bradley    

    "Fast service,friendly staff.Keep it up."
    04-20-2015-Mark Williams    

    "My whole experience went well."
    04-28-2015- Ann Haines    

    "Very good service and would recommend Bob Sight Ford to others."
    04-30-2015-Mary Allen    

    "The whole experience was outstanding. My sales person Danny Smith was wonderful. He explained the process to me and helped at every stage to make sure everything went smoothly. The dealership was ver
    04-02-2015-Bill Moran    

    "The attention paid to both me and my wife was greatly appreciated."
    04-02-2015-Thomas Taylor    

    "Salesman was great!! I would recommend him to anyone!"
    04-07-2015-Mrs.Linda Ratliff    

    "They guided me through the process, no games were played."
    04-08-2015-Benjamin Meadows    

    "Gene was very informative but not pushy. Really appreciated that."
    04-09-2015-Jeffrey Bass    

    "Very good knowledge of products."
    04-09-2015- Donald Dowdy    

    "I was pleased with all the staff members. Tim Cain was a great salesman and listened carefully when I explained what I needed when purchasing my Explorer. He did a thorough search to find the right c
    04-13-2015-Mrs.Connie Wood    

    "I was very pleased with the entire process!"
    04-13-2015- Mrs.Amy Williams    

    "Highly recommend Bob Sight! They are very customer oriented in every phase from the test drive to purchase! Made the experience enjoyable and couldn't be more pleased!"
    04-17-2015-Mr.&Mrs.Robert Jerome    

    "I thought everything went well."
    04-17-2015-Larry Bass    

    "Salesman was OUTSTANDING."
    04-20-2015- Demetris Camp    

    "Great experience. Steve brackeen did another great job for us. He searched and found the vehicle we wanted, and made the whole buying experience easy and satisfying."
    04-21-2015- Jon Plaas    

    "Went out of their way to get us the vehicle that we wanted. This is our 3rd car that we have purchased from the dealership."
    04-22-2015- James Lanning    

    "Great customer service."
    04-24-2015- Jonathan Carenza    

    "Salesman Gene Hill found us the Taurus we wanted. Loved his demeanor and this was the most enjoyable car purchase I have ever made."
    04-27-2015- Mrs.Theresa Stutts    

    "My experience with Bob Sight Ford has always been good. I have purchased 3 vehicles from them in the past and have always had GREAT service as well as a very good buying experience. I do recommend th
    03-02-2015-Thomas Carroll    

    "Service issues repaired. Great experience as always with this dealership."
    03-03-2015- Robert Morley    

    "The excellent service performed on the vehicle. The knowledge of the service technicians. The check in was on a Saturday and we got our car back to us under one hour."
    03-06-2015-Frank Bechel    

    "Everything went smoothly."
    03-09-2015- Miss Ricki Brozman    

    "Fast service, friendly staff, quality work, coffee always fresh in the waiting room!"
    03-13-2015- Kenneth Braton    

    "It was a great experience working with everyone."
    03-16-2015- Dena Pullen    

    "Very fast and gave me a ride home."
    03-23-2015- Thomas Clapp    

    "The whole experience was great."
    03-23-2015- Karen Mercer    

    "Keep doing what you are doing."
    03-25-2015-Duane Buchanan    

    "Wes Myers was the service advisor.. he was very nice. Easy to work with and explained everything that was going on with my new Escape..in for my 1st oil change/tire rotate..plus fixing my remote lift
    03-25-2015- Marilyn Hale    

    "Good communication. They recognize me as a regular customer. Timely service."
    03-30-2015- James Streeby    

    "I have had very good service while at Bob Sight Ford."
    03-30-2015-Ralph Cantrell    

    "They've always been helpful and honest. Always treat me well and have earned my respect. I don't trust mechanics very well, but I do these guys."
    03-30-2015- Bryan Casey    

    "I only come into get an oil change on my car. Every time I'm there it's always quick. I normally just drop my car off and leave. I've always gotten a call within an hour or so saying it's ready. I do
    03-30-2015-Ashley Holmes    

    "Everything went nice and smooth. They gave what I asked for on my trade in vehicle."
    03-04-2015- Jona Donovan    

    "I think Tim Bailey is awesome. He followed up with me and my husband during the whole process. We were able to test drive a few different vehicles. He really reviewed the differences with each Explor
    03-09-2015-Larry Vickers    

    "Salesperson listened and answered questions quickly and politely."
    03-09-2015- James Lambert    

    'Everything went very seamless with the purchase and closing of the sale. The employees do a great job of making the process very simple."
    03-12-2015- John Vangorkom    

    "Don Shelton was very nice, informative but not pushy like so many car salesman can be."
    03-18-2015-Mrs.Valerie Sommer    

    "I knew exactly what I wanted when I walked through the door. The salesman did everything to make sure I got what I wanted. The process was quick and smooth. I've recommended multiple people to this d
    03-19-2015- Tami Walker    

    "I went in often over a 2 month period and test drove several different vehicles. David never rushed me. I got to know the other sales people as well and they were always helpful even though they knew
    03-23-2015- Daniel Hall    

    "David always goes out of his way to locate the car with the options we want no matter how difficult the ask. Once the vehicle is located we never have to bicker on trade in value either. I know when
    03-30-2015- Christy Rutherford    

    "Have purchased several vehicles from David Whittaker and as usual this was a very good experience. A good purchasing experience and always use the excellent service department."
    03-31-2015-Kenton Davidson    

    "Good experience as always."
    2-02-2015- Tim Brennan    

    "Everything is great"
    2-05-2015-James Mcbee    

    "Was very pleased that the mustang had been ran through the car wash after the service was performed. It was greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the crew in the maintenance area at Bob Sight Ford."
    2-12-2015- Linnie Johnson    

    "The check in process was smooth and the work was done even before promised. Thanks!"
    2-16-2015-Victoria Erickson    

    "Always pleased with my experiences at Bob Sight Ford."
    2-25-2015- William Walker    

    "I love Bob Sight Ford and my Fusion!"
    2-26-2015-Melvin Blunt    

    "Bob Sight Ford has earned my future business."
    2-26-2015-Kent Eaton    

    "I was very satisfied with the sales person, Tim Bailey. We have purchased a vehicle from him before and really like his approach. He is open and honest and listens carefully to what you want."
    2-05-2015- linda Smith    

    "I was really stressing over buying a new car (I hate that process) then I was referred to Tim Bailey. He put me at ease right away... was very imforative about cars without pressuring me to buy one.
    2-09-2015- Mrs.Rebecca Kitsmiller    

    "I cant think of anything that needed to be improved. The sales staff was excellent. No high pressure or pushing towards vehicles I was not interested in."
    2-12-2015- Phillip Duncan    

    "Wonderful experience."
    2-12-2015- Gary Johnson    

    "Like having Bob Sight Ford in my home town. Have used them for service on my 97, 2006 and will on my 2014 F150. Also enjoy working with Bob Sight salesman Dave Whittaker."
    2-23-2015- Robert Hutchin    

    "Everything went great."
    2-19-2015- John Williams    

    "Mr.Steve Brackeen was very helpful with me."
    2-23-2015- William Musto    

    "Have always had great service at Bob Sight Ford."
    2-24-2015- James Lambert    

    "Salesman made the paper work very simple and quick."
    2-24-2015-Brandon Coleman    

    "Great sales team."
    2-26-2015-Mark Harris    

    "Jeff, Zach, & Eric are who I worked with. Another person who's name I don't remember. Amazing respect. Professional. Super expedited. Great deal. Good communication. Couldn't be happier really. Linda
    1-14-2015- Nathan Brodie    

    "This is the sixth car I have bought at Bob Sight. I wouldn't buy anywhere else."
    1-22-2015- David Wiseman    

    "Very smooth process. I appreciated being able to do most of it over the phone."
    1-22-2015- Mrs.Usha Smerdon    

    "Both the salesperson and the finance manager were courteous and professional."
    1-22-2015- James Guthrie    

    "Respectful and straightforward negotiations was much appreciated. Sales guys did not play games."
    1-22-2015- David Naumann    

    "Everyone at Bob Sight is extremely helpful and friendly. The entire experience was pleasant and easy."
    1-22-2015- Mrs.Gayla Gutierrez    

    "Very friendly and honest people, process was very fast."
    1-23-2015- Justin Dittmer    

    "Tim Bailey follows up very well!"
    1-26-2015- Michael Novak    

    "I have bought several cars from Bob Sight and have all my service done there. I get great treatment every time I'm there. I really don't know of any changes they need to make other than continue what
    1-26-2015- Kenneth Daumas    

    "I really enjoyed the online chat. I found out exactly what I needed to bring with me on the day of purchase."
    1-26-2015- Shawn Meeks    

    "Since this was the 5th vehicle we have purchased from Bob Sight since 1996, we wouldn't keep coming back. We are comfortable with the way they do things and have always purchased from the same sales
    1-28-2015- Dan Dimmitt    

    "Everything went very well"
    1-29-2015- Darrell Hensley    

    "Keep up the great work!"
    1-29-2015- Mrs.Patricia Chism    

    "Great people on hand"
    1-14-2015- Wesley Myers    

    "They explained the procedure and were very timely"
    1-22-2015- Luther Lewis    

    "Great job"
    1-22-2015- Mrs.Vickie Ellis    

    "Everything was excellent"
    1-26-2015-William Dickerson    

    "Always take good care of my car"
    1-26-2015- Mary Carmean    

    "Chris Zieber has been great to work with. Very accommodating to the needs of our business. He is great to work with! Nothing could be improved."
    12-16-2014- Control Service Company Inc    

    "The service adviser DID NOT try to up sale me on anything."
    12-18-2014- Donald Brooks    

    "Great service good time of return-got me a rental as promised- service after the sale."
    12-18-2014- Dennis Mcfarland    

    "Keep up the good work."
    12-18-2014- Jefferson Wilson    

    "They really worked hard to find me the truck I wanted."
    12-18-2014- Tracy Freeman    

    "Everything was good. Some service departments try to drum up business. Bob Sight doesn't do that."
    12-18-2014- Joseph Schmidli    

    "Fast easy and great customer service. No games or numbers to go back and forth with. Great job."
    12-01-2014- Spencer Sherf    

    "No complaints all went well completely satisfied!!!!"
    12-08-2014- Richard Bond    

    " I was impressed with the salesman eagerness to sell me a vehicle without high pressure."
    12-08-2014- Mrs.Leslie Anderson    

    "Steve Brackeen, Linda, and everyone that we deal with at Bob Sight is incredible. Always a smile. Everyone is willing to help. No pressure! We will continue to go back. We are well over 15 vehicles n
    11-10-2014- Lee Stevens    

    "My service experience went like I expected, very well."
    11-11-2014- Sherri Tilford    

    "Professionals, deliver on their word..."
    11-13-2014- Francis Mccomb    

    "Danny is outstanding- far exceeding expectations."
    11-13-2014- Vincent Kloeckner    

    " Overall good experience. I got the vehicle I wanted."
    11-13-2014- William Timberlake    

    " Tim Bailey was extremely helpful and spent his day off to try and get all on track. He managed all in incredibly little time, although it was a challenge. Super well done, thanks. We definitely will
    11-13-2014- Dr.Vinyl & Associates LTD    

    " The repair tech was great. I needed new tires and was on my way out of town for a funeral. When I asked about the price match guarantee he explained it all. Then he called me back 20 minutes later t
    11-14-2014- Dana Witthar    

    " Over all no doubt the best I have had. Our salesman, Tim bailey, to say the least was very professional knowledgeable and thorough."
    11-17-2014- James Morris    

    " We have purchased two trucks and two cars from Gene Hill in the last fifteen years and will continue to come to him for all our new vehicles. He is very helpful and patient with us."
    11-17-2014- Richard Maston    

    " My salesman, Nic W was awesome. I have purchased two cars from him in the past 4 months. I told him exactly what I wanted, and he did not disappoint! He was back in touch with me in less than 2 days
    11-19-2014- Mrs.Theresa Baehr    

    "Excellent follow-through and I met with the top management and they reinforced how good I feel about the experience."
    11-20-2014- Bruce Krigel    

    "Everything is always great and they always work hard to get the best deal for you."
    10-30-2014-James Peterson    

    "Gene Hill was very helpful in finding just what I wanted."
    10-30-2014- Mrs.Phyllis Jensen    

    "Staff at the check-in and check-out are all really good at what they do."
    Shari Krepps-11-05-2014    

    "Very enjoyable, our salesman, Tim Bailey, makes you feel very comfortable."
    11-05-2014- Michael Cox    

    "Gene Hill was the best. We recommend him to everyone."
    Larry Bowman- 10-15-2014    

    "Justin Borum was very knowledgable about the selling process. I will definitely be returning to Bob Sight Ford on my next vehicle purchase."
    10-16-2014- Darrell Anthony    

    "We loved working with Don."
    10-22-2014- David Werth    

    "I have always been a GM person..never ownded a Ford, did own a Mercury Marquis many years ago and I loved it...but in the past 20 years have only owned a GM. After the bailout by the government and F
    10-13-2014-Mrs.Marilyn Hale    

    "Gene Hill was the best. We recommend him to everyone."
    10-15-2014-Larry Bowman    

    "Justin Borum was very knowledgable about the selling process. I will definitely be returning to Bob Sight Ford on my next vehicle purchase"
    10-16-2014- Darrell Anthony    

    "I am very happy with my C-Max and Bob Sight Ford"
    10-09-2014-Robert Sartin    

    "Was to my satisfaction."
    10-03-2014-Gerald Foster    

    "My service was done in a timely manner. I was totally satisfied with my service."
    10-06-2014-Gerald Stuckey    

    "Great experience. Answered all our questions and gave us wonderful training on all the new technology that is on our 2014 Fusion."
    10-06-2014- Michael Ponder    

    "I love Bob Sight. Staff is like family. Been going here for years, and I don't think that will change anytime soon. Always feel they do their best, with my best interests in mind."
    10-06-2014-Rebecca Beeker    

    "I trust them."
    10-06-2014-Michele Avery    

    "I have owned many Fords and have visited several dealerships. While all were good, Bob Sight Ford stands head and shoulders above all of them in regards of quality of work, professionalism and custom
    10-06-2014- Mark Tangblade    

    "I knew what I wanted when I went in the door & they made it happen."
    10-07-2014- Patrick Gill    

    "David in sales and Zachary the GM were both very helpful. The truck has exceeded all of my expectations and I will not hesitate to return to the dealership and Ford."
    10-07-2014- Jacob Ball    

    "I had went to 2 other dealerships. I should have made Bob Sight Ford my first choice!"
    09-15-2014- Mark Goodman    

    "This was by far my best experience in purchasing a vehicle. My sales person (David Whittaker) was great in helping me find the exact Edge that I wanted. He answered my questions honestly and there wa
    09-16-2014- Dorothy Zinnert    

    "David Whittaker was great and very attentive to my needs as a driver and my budget."
    09-17-2014- James Maiden    

    "Great experience, low pressure sell."
    09-17-2014- Mark Longwell    

    "It was a wonderful experience."
    09-19-2014- Mrs.Whitney Boynton    

    "Loved the stress free negotiations from using the Costco pricing, the most enjoyable car buying experience I have ever had. Justin has been great to work with, he has had all the answers I needed and
    09-16-2014- David Ardell    

    "It went smooth and fast. Best dealership I have ever been involved with."
    09-10-2014- Fred Corbin    

    "Chris Zieber our sales person made the process very easy."
    09-11-2014- Paul Belyea    

    "I have always had excellent service at Bob Sight Ford."
    09-12-2014- Judith Jewell    

    "All members of sales staff were helpful and easy to work with. We felt that we were treated very fairly by the dealership and will continue doing business with Bob Sight. Our individual salesman was
    09-05-2014- Peter Zanoni    

    "Tim Bailey was great...answered all of our questions and delivered a quality product!"
    09-05-2014- Darrin Howell    

    "I have always bought from the same salesman at Bob Sight, he does a great job, thank-you, and great job to Bob Sight Ford!"
    09-05-2014- David Baker    

    "This service department should be a model for all Ford service departments!"
    09-09-2014- Steve Franta    

    "Tim Cain is a very good sales person. I will recommend him to everyone I know that's vehicle shopping."
    09-04-2014- Gilbert Heislen    

    "We really appreciate Tim's helpful, friendly manner. He didn't pressure us yet was very willing to spend time helping us."
    09-05-2014- Mrs.Victoria Erickson    

    "There was a difficult customer in front of me (couldn't decide if she wanted to wait for her car, etc) the service man treated her with the most patience and kindness. He even apologized to me for ha
    08-19-2014- Vicki Pinegar    

    "They did a great job of repairing my car after the accident. It looks great, I'm very pleased."
    08-19-2014- Helen Mullin    

    " Loved the shuttle service to local shopping. For those of us who must wait for their vehicle it is great."
    08-20-2014- Vanetta Wick    

    "Check in was fast. Experience was great, and made me aware of worn tires and prices was as good as anywhere around town. I bought new tires from Bob Sight Ford and would use them in the future."
    08-20-2014- Michael Saunders    

    "Vehicle was ready to pickup in less time than promised."
    08-20-2014- James Cheek    

    "This was my 3rd Ford purchased from a Ford dealer in the last 8 years and my experience with Bob Sight was absolutely the best out of all Ford and non Ford dealers. My sales rep Chris was the best fr
    08-20-2014- Keith Huffman    

    08-20-2014- Ronald Woods    

    "Excellent service and my rep, Brad was very professional."
    08-20-2014- Martha Jones    

    "Our sales experience exceeded our expectations and we intend to buy another car from their sales representative."
    08-21-2014-Robert Butterworth    

    08-22-2014-James Streeter    

    "Bob Sight and our sales person Tim Cain go above and beyond every time I walk in the door. First rate from top to bottom."
    08-22-2014-Christopher Jenness    

    "All OK as usual"
    08-25-2014-Cliff Bottorff    

    "I think this service department is the best in the city. Thanks for the great work."
    08-13-2014- Kenneth Norris    

    "Our overall experience was great! The closing was the fastest we have ever had purchasing a new vehicle. Our salesman, Nic, was not pushy at all, very courteous, and willingness to meet our needs."
    08-15-2014- Mrs.Cynthia Bocanegra    

    "Chris Zieber is a true pleasure to work with and great asset to Ford and Bob Sight. Never have owned a Ford before but after my experience I look forward to many more. Thanks, Brian McBee."
    08-14-2014- James Mcbee    

    "Great team at Bob Sight Ford."
    08-15-2014- Dolie Toczek    

    "Very satisfied with my experience with Bob Sight Ford and Steve Brackeen."
    08-15-2014- John Belt    

    "Nic Wilburn was an excellent salesman. He did not treat me like a "stupid woman", nor did he pressure me in anyway. He listened to what I was looking for and made every effort to obtain the vehicle m
    08-14-2014- Mrs.Theresa Baehr    

    "Thanks Chris Z. You did a wonderful job and I really love my new car."
    08-06-2014- Kimberley Young    

    "They brought me home while they serviced the car, then picked me up when the car was ready. Great service!"
    08-08-2014- Oliver Scrivener    

    "My family and I just purchased two brand new cars over the past 30. It was a night and day comparison between buying the Ford and the other vehicle my wife purchased. Going with our Ford dealership w
    08-08-2014-Michael Cundy    

    "Always take to dealer for maintance. Good deal!"
    07-30-2014-Stemlock Inc    

    "My vehicle was done sooner than the time I was told. Great job!"
    07-30-2014-Cynthia Lang    

    "Extremely satisfied with our salesman David; answered all of our questions and was very knowledgeable... I will definitely remember him to any family and friends shopping for vehicles at Sight."
    07-31-2014-Mrs.Christine Pitts    

    "Thank you for continued great customer service!!"
    Mrs.Hanna Hill-07-28-2014    

    "We have bought several vehicles from Bob Sight Ford, and we always call Steve Brackeen. We feel like he is a friend after all of these years of working with him. Easy to work with and makes the proce
    Robert Putthoff-07-24-2014    

    " I am very satisfied with the Focus and with the dealership."
    Willadee Wehmeyer-07-24-2014    

    "This is the sixth vehicle we have bought from Bob Sight Ford. We have recommended them to our in-laws who have purchased from them. They have taken good care of us. "
    David Lobsinger-07-24-2014    

    "I dealt with 2 dealers. Bob Sight in Lees Summit, MO and Blue Springs in Blue Springs, MO. Everything Bob Sight did right, Blue Springs did wrong. Bsight was low/no pressure. BSprings was high pressu
    Michael Mcghee-07-22-2014    

    "Excellent experience!!!"
    Terry Richeson-07-21-2014    

    "Fast and convenient."
    Dennis Davis-07-18-2014    

    "Very nice finance Mgr was very impressive."
    Eric Zinnert-07-18-2014    

    "Service Advisor Wesley Myers did a great job of listening and considering my concerns, and then suggesting options. Problem solved! I always feel that the folks at Bob Sight really do care and want t
    Carol Logan-07-18-2014    

    "Our salesman, Gene Hill, is a true gentleman and very good representative for Ford. Gene has sold us 2 Edges and a Fusion. He's the best."
    Martha Wilkinson-07-17-2014    

    "Tim Bailey was my salesman I have bought several cars and trucks from him and Bob Sight Ford and I am very happy with the purchase and Tim is an extremely awesome Salesman and makes my buying a real
    Mrs.Tamara Bailey-07-17-2014    

    "Have always had a pleasant experience at Bob Sight Ford."
    William Walker-07-16-2014    

    "Justin Borum provided the best vehicle purchasing experience I've encountered in my life. He did an excellent job. I still think the finance paperwork could be streamlined, but they did a fine job wi
    Michelle Torkelson-07-16-2014    

    "Vey satisfied overall with the dealership."
    Carl Allison-07-15-2014    

    "Nice to know when you pick up your vehicle it is fixed right the first time. Experienced staff."
    Jay Mcelroy-07-11-2014    

    "Our sales person was excellent & very down to earth plus very accommodating, thank you for a excellent experience."
    Bobbie Molloy-07-11-2014    

    "I am 48 years old and have owned about 72 cars and trucks about 10 of them being new. This was a very easy process from start to finish. The dealer had no hoops to jump thru and played no games. Than
    Todd Kudron-07-10-2014    

    "Great dealership."
    Total Risk Management Inc-07-10-2014    

    "The best dealership we have experienced. We are life time Ford owners and plan on staying with Bob Sight the best dealer in our opinion."
    Barbara Eckart-07-09-2014    

    "Always happy with the service and treatment I receive at Bob Sight Ford. Good people."
    Carolyn Wilkinson-07-09-2014    

    "We have used Bob Sight for 10 years now. We have never had anything but exceptional service. We originally came to Bob Sight because we had family that worked there but now we continue to come back b
    Carol Baltz-07-09-2014    

    "Treated my daughter with respect. Great service."
    Kevin Morey-07-08-2014    

    "Great place to get service."
    Dean Helms-07-08-2014    

    "Very friendly staff."
    Cari Bryant-Arnold-07-04-2014    

    "I enjoy the friendly staff."
    Michele Lukenbill-07-04-2014    

    "Awesome dealership. The Sight's always take great care of my family and I."
    Total Risk Management INC-07-03-2014    

    "Dave Whittaker did a nice job walking us through the process. This is not the first car we've purchased through him and we plan to buy from him again."
    David Lobsinger-07-02-2014    

    "Excellent dealership."
    Anthony Gates-07-02-2014    

    "Salesman was courteous and no pressure. Answered all of my questions and allowed me to consider the many options. Negotiation was not contentious, but straight-forward and business like. Great follow
    Casey Caughron-07-02-2014    

    "Great place to get service"
    Dean Helms-07/08/2014    

    "Through my years of experience with Bob Sight, I have had nothing but excellent care. I am very appreciative of everyone at your dealership. God bless you all!"
    Kara L Patterson    

    "I usually don't fill out these surveys, but I just wanted to let you know that Troy from the Service Department did an exceptional job. He provided an accurate quote, was pleasant to deal with, had
    Ken Herriman    

    "The Jeep was actually in your collision area, but even with that, my son was treated very well and kept informed of cost for repair with an itemized list. Unfortunately for him, the cost for repair
    Sharron Livingston    

    "I love Bob Sight Ford. If I ever buy a new car it will be with them. All the people I have ever dealt with have always been nothing but the nicest people!"
    Colleen Jones    

    "Employees who answered the phone were pleasant, so were the gentleman who helped check our vehicle and the gal at the cashier. I like your new facility and seems like you folks have set up the offic
    Judy Hill    

    "I have been a Ford owner for the past 16 years. I have had service work done at 4 dealerships (3 in the KC metro area and 1 in Jefferson City). Bob Sight is clearly the dealership that stands out a
    H G Gretlein    

    "We appreciate that you are open all day on Saturdays. It makes it easier to get our vehicles serviced without missing work during the week. We also appreciate that the service is done on time and i
    Lucrecia Abrego    

    "This was my first time for service since you opened the new facility and it is very nice. The service person that helped me got my truck right in and out in a very timely fasion as I had another app
    Carolyn Wilkinson    

    "The service was done in a professional manner and very willing to help. you have gained a customer next time we look for another vehicle."
    Michael Saunders    

    "The Service Department is great. They talk to you and explain things in a way that you can understand and do not leave anything out. No surprises. They are hard working people and have always fixe
    Ray Theiling    

    "I have already recommended Bob Sight's service to many people in the past. I have purchased/leased 11 vehicles in 11 years from Bob Sight Ford and have been a happy customer from both sales and serv
    Philip Michael    

    "This is a great place to buy a car. I've bought three cars here and will continue to do so."
    Michael Whit    

    "The Service Department representatives are extremely polite, considerate, timely, and accomodating."
    AJ Gallo    

    "I would just like to say that your Customer Service is excellent. Troy is the best. He is always to helpful and explains all that is necessary in layman's terms so that I can understand and relate,
    Ms. Kuntze    

    "This car was purchased for business. My wife, family, and I have purchased 3 vehicles from Bob Sight and have been satisfied each time. That is why we have continued to return. My wife also contin
    Jim Rogers    

    "We asked Bob Sight for a second opinion on a brake job. We had had a safety inspection done at Midas, the brakes failed the inspection and it seemed like the estimate Midas quoted my 23 year old dau
    Shirley Dimmit    

    "Made to feel like my little problem was very important to the service staff and they made sure I was informed about everything they were doing. Had to leave my vehicle overnight and they made sure I
    Jack Chapman    

    "Everyone is extremely nice up at Bob Sight Ford. They were all attentive to my automobile needs. The new building is stellar. The lounge is very comfortable. The service was outstanding and every
    Todd Schneck    

    "I wasn't planning on getting another car right now, but Gene Hill, who sold me my last car ('03 Focus), worked with me and got me a great deal I COULD NOT REFUSE - a much bigger and better vehicle f
    Sena Brewer    

    "Gene Hill is the best. I have worked with him on 2 new Mustang GT's and now this F150 and I am very very happy!!! Gary Snow is also a great person to work with. Overall we're very happy with Bob S
    Eric Huffman    

    "The new facilities are beautiful!"

    "I bought our truck at Sights and have had great luck with it through the years. I also had a Ford Van that I had serviced a lot at your site. Everyone is nice and I liked not having to wait for day

    "I always take my vehicle to Bob Sight Ford for service. Everyone is always polite and keep me well informed of all concerns I may have. Bob Sight Ford is definately the place to go for all my servi
    Dee Johnson    

    I just wanted to say thank you so much to Steve for being so patient and helpful. I basically barged in first thing in the morning and consumed all of his time until we found the car I was looking fo
    Renne Benson    

    "It went better than I expected!! Awesome!"
    Teresa Caldwell    

    "I would like to commend Steve Brackeen on his friendliness, professionalism, and willingness to go beyond my expectations during this process. Thank you, Steve!"
    Tricia Lawrence    

    "This is the 3rd vehicle I have bought through Steve Brackeen. I am always happy with his service. I have and will continue to refer him to friends and family. I will be back many times to do servi
    Crystal and Kevin Boman    

    "I first bought a new car from you in 1993 and have been completely satisfied with the staff, the service, and the cars I have bought ever since. Let me especially commend David Whittaker of the sale
    Ralph and Marjorie Egleston    

    "We visited most all of the dealerships in KC, and in my opinion, Bob Sight Ford should be the model by which all the others could learn from. Gene Hill was so helpful in finding the truck with the o
    Roger and Brenda Yates    

    "My overall experience was very enjoyable, as it has always been with the staff of Bob Sight Ford. I was especially impressed with the professionalism of Zach Sight and Dave Whittaker, as they maneuv
    Ronald and Sandra Hunt    

    "Bob Sight Ford is the only dealership that makes you feel like family."
    Steven Franta    

    Steve Brackeen is a wonderful salesman! That man deserves a raise! I will recommend Steve to all my friends and family who are interested in purchasing a Ford/Mercury. Thanks again, Steve!!!"
    Michelle Stark    

    "There is a dis-reputable dealer nearby that had damaged my faith in car dealers honesty. Thankfully, I did not give up and visited bob Sight Ford next. They are a class act and conveniently located
    Citizens Bank of Norborne    

    "The sales person helped me decide which automobile would best meet my needs. It was a very helpful experience."
    Richard and Marilyn Lee    

    "I've bought from many Ford Dealers and Bob Sight Ford was by far superior in all aspects. No pressure, very polite, and non-judgemental."
    Jon Shumate    

    "I have misplaced the name of the sales gentleman that helped me receive my new car, but I would like to say I have never received as much help without it being overwhelming as he helped us. It was a
    Maygen and Ryan Haze    

    "Thank you. The process was much easier and smoother than I imagined."
    Sarah Henderson    

    "This was a great service experience. The car was in for minor body damage and they did an excellent job. The work is flawless and unnoticable. There was additional damage that the adjuster poited
    Mike Coleman    

    "Our salesman, Gene Hill, was great to work with! We have purchased several vehicles through him and always recommend him when we know of anyone looking to purchase a car or truck. We also have had
    Donna and John McLear    

    "Todd in the Service Department was great at recognizing the problem and getting me scheduled for the repairs at my convenience and setting up a driver for the day! Todd was very courtious and knowle
    Joseph and Bonnie Mereghetti    

    "Very good customer service! Very helpful and courteous employes."
    John Howell    

    "Buying my truck at Bob Sight was the easiest/best new car purchase I have ever had. My salesman was awesome. It took all of a 5 minute phone call to locate my truck. It was delivered 2 days later,
    Dan and Stephanie Blake    

    "I would like to let you know that I have purchased several vehicles from your dealership and have used Jerry Ellis for all of my purchases in the last several years. Jerry is a down to earth person
    William and Nancy Brown    

    "Gene did a very nice job working with us. He was attentive to our needs, and we felt comfortable throughout the whole buying process. I will definately give him first opportunity on our next purcha
    William and Stephanie Overbeck Jr    

    "Bob Sight Ford is all the good reasons I will never go back to Blue Springs Ford (Blue Springs, MO)."
    Kenna and Richard Gray    

    "Bob Sight Ford has the most exceptional service/parts department staff ever! :)"
    Cynthia Kohlstaedt    

    "Bob Sight Ford is an excellent dealership. Everyone there is extremely nice and professional. I think that Bob Sight has a customer for life in me."
    Todd Schneck    

    "The best car buying experience we have ever had. We will be back to buy our next Ford from Steve and Bob Sight!"
    Laura and Benjamin Schaumberg    

    "Your staff made the purchase of our beautiful new car a great experience. We felt like everyone went the extra mile to try to answer all our questions, and treat us like we were special. Thank you
    Tom and Cindy Fletcher    

    "It is obvious that you want to provide good service and you typically provide quick response times."
    Dennis Sieg    

    "We were very impressed with Mr. David Whittaker's salesmanship and professionalism. He made the car buying process very easy, not like the usual car salesman dread. We did not feel pressured at all
    Larry and Theresa King    

    "My salesperson went above and beyond to make sure that everything was up to my expectations. I would definately recommend them for anyone looking to purchase a Ford vehicle."
    Tyler B.    

    "Bob Sight Ford treats everyone like family. It's the best place to buy a Ford from in the midwest!"
    Steven Franta    

    "Dave Whittaker is top notch! We have went to Dave for our last three new car purchases. He is great to work with and follows through. We tend to look at many vehicles online and Dave is always wil
    Sheila and Mark Bays    

    "3rd vehicle from Bob Sight! Great dealership!"
    Karen and Fred Koenig    

    "This is the fifth car I have purchased from Gene Hill and Bob Sight. I think I am set for a while now, but when the time comes to get a new car, I imagine I will be back."
    Joseph and Phyllis Fiedler    

    "I have always received great service. I recommend Bob Sight to anyone that will listen. I trust the service department completely. The guys and gals are so funny and friendly."
    Linda Hirsch    

    "Bob Sight Ford has maintained my previous vehicle and now my Five Hundred, and I can honestly say I have always received excellent service. Not only is the service great, but all the employees are so
    Rose Howe    

    "My salesman, Steve Brakeen, was thoroughly helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, and above all, personable. And, the finance process was smooth, seemless, and professional. From the moment I arrived u
    Gardner, KS    

    "Jim Trader and Tim Bailey were awesome. They've always treated me like a king when I come in for service or on a trade in. I love my new 2010 F150 and my business just purchased a 2010 Expedition."
    Lee's Summit, MO    

    "Without question our salesperson, Gene Hill, made the entire car purchase experience the most pleasant, most helpful and least pressured of any car buying experience we have ever had. We left please
    Lee's Summit, MO    

    "Troy is the best, always there when we need help, he is awesome! He, along with the rest of the service department, David the Salesman, and Brad are why we keep coming back! We are on vehicle numbe
    Raymore, MO    

    This is my third mustang from Bob Sight Ford!
    Bill Jones 2013  Ford   Mustang

    We were very impressed with Mr. David Whittaker's salesmanship and professionalism. He made the car buying process very easy, not like the usual car salesman dread. We did not feel pressured at all.
    Larry &Theresa King 2013  Ford   F150
    read more
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Bob Sight Ford is a family owned and operated business.

The Sight name has been in the car business since 1923. Bob Sight Ford is a complete automobile dealership that offers a variety of services. Some of these services include, New and Used car sales, service, parts, body shop (all makes and models!), as well as a detail center for all of your car's cosmetic needs. Being a complete dealership with outstanding customer service has earned Bob Sight Ford the honor of being one of the Top Rated Dealerships in the metro area. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to become your dealership, and look forward to meeting all of your automobile needs.

We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Feel free to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing!

If you don't see what you are looking for, click on CarFinder, fill out the form, and we will let you know when vehicles arrive that match your search! Or if you would rather discuss your options with our friendly sales staff, click on Directions for interactive driving directions and other contact information. We look forward to serving you!

The Ford Dealer You Can Count On

We're the kind of Ford dealer that takes the time and listens to the wants and needs of our clients. We understand that buying a car is a process that takes a certain amount of careful consideration.

It's a lot to wrap your head around but at Bob Sight Ford we do our best to make the car buying experience an easy one. We're the kind of Kansas City, MO car dealer that helps you decide exactly what you're looking for. We won't ever make a sale that our customers will end up being unhappy with. We're proud to be the type of Kansas City, MO Ford dealer that strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

There are several important factors to take into account when choosing a car:

  1. How many people do you drive with every day?
  2. How far do you drive on a daily basis?
  3. What kind of terrain or traffic do you need to tackle?
  4. What does your gasoline budget look like?
  5. Are you looking for a sports car or would you prefer a family friendly vehicle?
  6. How much money are you looking to spend on your new car?
  7. Do you need financial assistance?

Fords For Everyone

We are the Kansas City, MO car dealership that caters for a whole variety of clientele. We understand that all of our clients have different financial situations and have done our best to ensure that our cars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and that their price tags vary as well. We not only have an amazing selection of brand new cars but have also acquired an impressive selection of pre-owned vehicles that are just as fantastic.

Because our customers are so important to us, we'll also take the time to find you some great financing options if you need them. At some point in our lives we all need a little financial boost, and at Bob Sight Ford we do our best to find a reasonable loan that enables you to purchase the car you've always dreamed of.

If you would like to get in touch with us please don't hesitate to give us a call at (816) 524-6550 or stop by for a visit.

Bob Sight Ford's range of car services includes:

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